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2015 Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring severe weather events and climate (GNSS4SWEC) (AMTD/ACPD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. D. Feist, J. Jones, S. de Haan, E. Pottiaux, O. Bock, R. Pacione, and R. Van Malderen

Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) (ACPD/AMTD/GID/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Allan, T. Petäjä, T. Karl, M.A. Silva Dias, and T. Garrett

Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX)
Eds. V.-M. Kerminen, M. Heimann, D. Spracklen, T. Laurila, A. Ding, and I. Salma

Data assimilation in carbon/biogeochemical cycles: consistent assimilation of multiple data streams (BGD/ACPD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. M. Scholze, M. Heimann, V. Brovkin, C. Sierra, and C. Gerbig

Global and regional assessment of intercontinental transport of air pollution: results from HTAP, AQMEII and MICS
Eds. F. Dentener, S. Galmarini, C. Hogrefe, G. Carmichael, and K. Law

Ten years of Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) observations (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. V. Aquila, F. Boersma, B. N. Duncan, N. Kramarova, G. de Leeuw, A. Richter, V. Sofieva, P. Stammes, J. Tamminen, and T. Wagner

Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) Special Issue
Eds. M. Kulmala, L. Ganzeveld, and G. Fisch

Anthropogenic dust and its climate impact
Eds. W. Birmili, D. Covert, K. Kai, and T. Takamura

The Saharan Aerosol Long-range Transport and Aerosol-Cloud-interaction Experiment (SALTRACE) (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. B. Weinzierl, U. Wandinger, C. Flamant, C. Hoose, C. Ryder, and J. Schwarz

Data collection, analysis and application of speciated atmospheric mercury
Eds. R. Ebinghaus and L. Zhang

The Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP): Simulations of solar radiation reduction methods (ACPD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. U. Lohmann, N. Vaughan, L. M. Russell, B. Kravitz, and H. Wang
2014 Atmospheric composition change: science for policy
Eds. G. Brasseur, U. Pöschl, S. Fuzzi, and M. Maione

Coupled chemistry–meteorology modelling: status and relevance for numerical weather prediction, air quality and climate communities (SI of EuMetChem COST ES1004) (ACPD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. A. Baklanov, B. Vogel, and S. Freitas

Aerosol-Cloud Coupling And Climate Interactions in the Arctic (ACCACIA) (ACPD/BGD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. W. T. Sturges, L. M. Russell, C. Robinson, L. Bopp, H. Wernli, and M. Krämer

Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) (ACPD/BGD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. A. B. Guenther, P. Artaxo, L. Ganzeveld, H. P. Schmid, M. Kulmala, A. Neftel, A. Arneth, J. Pongratz, N. Saigusa, S. Seneviratne, and S. M. Noe

Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) (ACPD/BGD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. A.-B. Guenther, P. Artaxo, L. Ganzeveld, H. P. Schmid, M. Kulmala, A. Neftel, A. Arneth, J. Pongratz, N. Saigusa, S. Seneviratne, S. M. Noe

Biogeochemical processes, tropospheric chemistry and interactions across the ocean–atmosphere interface in the coastal upwelling off Peru (BGD/ACPD/AMTD/OSD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. H. Bange, A. Chaigneau, A. Engel, C. Garbe, A. Kock, W. Naqvi, B. Thamdrup, B. Ward, C. Robinson, and A. Richter

HD(CP)2 Observational Prototype Experiment
Eds. S. Buehler and H. Russchenberg

Role of Nighttime chemistry in controlling the Oxidising Capacity of the atmOsphere (RONOCO) (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. R. L. Jones, C. Reeves, J. Thornton, and S. Brown

Meso-scale aerosol processes, comparison and validation studies from DRAGON networks (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. P. Quinn, P. Formenti, and M. Schulz

VERDI - Vertical Distribution of Ice in Arctic Clouds (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. C. Hoose, M. Shupe, and P. Eriksson

Marine trace gases and aerosols over tropical oceans (AMTD/ACPD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. L. Carpenter, M. Uematsu and R. Volkamer

The CERN CLOUD experiment (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. V.-M. Kerminen, J. H. Seinfeld, N. M. Donahue, K. Carslaw, and J. Abbatt

The CERN CLOUD experiment (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. V.-M. Kerminen, J. H. Seinfeld, N. M. Donahue, K. Carslaw, and J. Abbatt

Uintah Basin Winter Ozone Studies (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Seinfeld, P. Shepson, J. Collett, and E. Apel

Oxidant Production over Antarctic Land and its Export (OPALE)
Eds. T. Bartels-Rausch, J. W. Bottenheim, C. Barbante, and S. Preunkert

South AMerican Biomass Burning Analysis (SAMBBA)
Eds. H. Coe, K. Longo, M. Andreae, S. Martin, and G. Myhre

Limb observations of the middle atmosphere by space- and airborne instruments (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. C. von Savigny, G. Stiller, E.Kyrölä, F. Khosrawi, P. Liebing, and S. Buehler

Study of Ozone, Aerosols and Radiation over the Tibetan Plateau (SOAR-TP)
Eds. R. Sander, H. Su, T. Wagner, T. Wang, Y. Cheng, and X. Xu

Biosphere-atmosphere exchange or organic compounds: impact of intra-canopy processes (CANOPÉE 2011-2014)
Eds. J. Rinne, M. Kanakidou, and J. Williams

The community version of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model as it is coupled with Chemistry (WRF-Chem) (GMDD/ACPD Inter-Journal SI)
2013 Results from the ice nucleation research unit (INUIT) (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Abbatt, A. Bertram, D. J. Cziczo, and B. Ervens

CHemistry and AeRosols Mediterranean EXperiments (ChArMEx) (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. N. Mihalopoulos, W. Lahoz, X. Querol, C. Reeves, F. Dulac, O. Dubovik, and J.-L. Attie

The Boundary-Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence (BLLAST) project (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. R. J. Beare, Y. Brunet, E. Pardyjak, and S. Galmarini

Haze-fog forecasts and near real time (NRT) data application (ACPD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Brandt, S. Gong, and X.-Y. Zhang

Air-sea flux climatology; progress and future prospects (BGD/ACPD/OSD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. C. Robinson, J. Kaiser, C. McNeil, D. Woolf, J. Shutler, C. Garbe, and P. Challenor

Surface Ocean Aerosol Production (SOAP) (ACPD/OSD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. C. Law, M. Harvey, M. Smith, P. Quinn, N. Harris, and M. Hoppema

East Asia emissions assessment (EA2)
Eds. T. Bond, G. Carmichael, G. Frost, H. Su, and Y. Cheng

9th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC9) (ESDD/ACPD/AMTD/BGD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Canadell, N. Zeng, M. Heimann, R. Keeling, L. Bopp, V. Brovkin, Y. Luo, A. Michalak, C. Gerbig, Z. Xie, D. Griffith, and A. C. Manning

Monitoring atmospheric composition and climate, research in support of the Copernicus/GMES atmospheric service (ACPD/AMTD/ESSDD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. V.-H. Peuch, R. Engelen, A. Simmons, W. Lahoz, S. Galmarini, and P. Laj
2012 ROle of Nighttime chemistry in controlling the Oxidising Capacity of the atmOsphere (RONOCO) (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. R. L. Jones, C. Reeves, J. Thornton, and S. Brown

The EU Project SHIVA (Stratospheric Ozone: Halogen Impacts in a Varying Atmosphere) (ACPD/AMTD/BGD/OSD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. W. T. Sturges, J. Williams, G. Roberts, C. Robinson, and R. Sander

Changes in the vertical distribution of ozone – the SI2N report (ACPD/AMTD/ESSDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. P. K. Bhartia, N. Harris, M. Van Roozendael, M. Weber, R. Eckman, D. Loyola, J. Urban, C. von Savigny, M. Dameris, and S. Godin-Beekmann

Interactions between climate change and the Cryosphere: SVALI, DEFROST, CRAICC (2012–2016) (TCD/ACPD/BGD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Bäck, M. Bilde, M. Boy, T. R. Christensen, J. O. Hagen, M. Hansson, H. Järvinen, M. Kulmala, T. Laurila, A. Stohl, H. Skov, A. Massling, M. Glasius, and S. M. Noe

The Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project (ACCMIP) (ACPD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. M. Dameris, D. Spracklen, and H. Tost

SAPUSS: Solving aerosol problems by using synergistic strategies in the west Mediterranean basin
Eds. A. S. H. Prevot , R. M. Harrison, S. Decesari, and R. Vecchi

HCCT-2010: a complex ground-based experiment on aerosol-cloud interaction
Eds. G. McFiggans, M. C. Facchini, C. George, and H. Herrmann

New perspectives on Air-Ice Chemical Interactions (AICI) (ACPD/ESSDD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. V. F. McNeill, E. Wolff, T. Bartels-Rausch, and H. Pfeiffenberger

Desert dust and its impact on air quality and climate
Eds. Y.-S. Chung, G. Kallos, W. K. Lau, N. Mihalopoulos, C. Mitsakou, and X. Querol

Ice-Atmosphere-Ocean interactions in the Arctic Ocean during IPY: the Damocles project (ACPD/OSD/TCD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. O. Persson, T. Garrett, K. Dethloff, H. Eicken, J. M. Huthnance, and K. J. Heywood
2011 Observations and modeling of aerosol and cloud properties for climate studies (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. O. Dubovik, M. King, D. Tanre, and T. Wagner

Light depolarization by atmospheric particles: theory and measurements (AMTD/ACPD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. S. Schmidt, T. Garrett, and D. D. Baumgardner

Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)
Eds. D. J. Cziczo, T. Bond, G. McFiggans, and J. A. Thornton

The Pan European Gas-Aerosols Climate Interaction Study (PEGASOS)
Eds. A. Laaksonen, E. Nemitz, U. Baltensperger, N. Mihalopoulos, F. Dentener, and A. Hofzumahaus

Atmospheric mercury processes: papers from the 10th ICMGP
Eds. R. Cohen, J. H. Seinfeld, and A. Dastoor

Water Vapour in the Climate System (WAVACS) COST action: observations, processes and modelling
Eds. G. Vaughan, W. Lahoz, F. Fierli, and S. Buehler

Cabauw Intercomparison campaign for Nitrogen Dioxide measuring Instruments (CINDI) (AMTD/ACPD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J.-P. Pommereau, J. Stutz, and R. Volkamer

Quantifying the impact of Boreal fires on tropospheric oxidants over the Atlantic using aircraft and satellites (BORTAS)
Eds. S. Matthiesen, B. N. Duncan, P. Monks, and R. MacKenzie

The TransBrom Sonne ship campaign in the West Pacific
Eds. K. Krueger, B. Quack, D. Wallace, W. T. Sturges, and K. Kreher

BEACHON Rocky Mountain Organic Carbon Study (ROCS) and Rocky Mountain Biogenic Aerosol Study (RoMBAS)
Eds. R. Holzinger, J. Rinne, A. Laaksonen, and A. Nenes

DOMINO: the Diel Oxidant Mechanisms in relation to Nitrogen Oxides measurement campaign in El Arenosillo, Spain
Eds. A. Hofzumahaus, M. Kanakidou, R. Holzinger, and M. Martinez

Summertime boreal forest atmospheric chemistry and physics (HUMPPA-COPEC 2010)
Eds. A. Goldstein, D. Heard, and M. Kanakidou

Firn air: archive of the recent atmosphere
Eds. W. T. Sturges, T. Blunier, V. Petrenko, and R. van de Wal

An integrated approach to study atmospheric greenhouse and related gases at the Bialystok tall tower, eastern Poland (ACPD/AMTD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. M. Heimann, J. Brandt, and J. V. Lavrič

Megapoli-Paris 2009/2010 campaign
Eds. A. Baklanov, M. Beekmann, J.-L. Jaffrezo, J.-L. Jimenez, C. Reeves, and R. Vautard

Community Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Experiment 2009 (CABINEX)
Eds. J. Williams, J. Fuentes, A. Hofzumahaus, and J. Abbatt

Haze in China (HaChi 2009–2010)
Eds. V.-M. Kerminen, D. Covert , and E. Swietlicki
2010 Atmospheric impacts of Eastern Asia megacities
Eds. A. B. Guenther, C. H. Song, X. Tie, T. Wang, and K. Schaefer

Chemistry, microphysics and dynamics of the polar stratosphere: ozone loss and climate-chemistry interactions
Eds. D. Knopf, R. Mueller, F. Khosrawi, and M. von Hobe

Megacities: air quality and climate impacts from local to global scales
Eds. L. Molina, A. Baklanov, M. Gauss, and U. Pöschl

Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS) (ACPD/AMTD/OSD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. W. Bottenheim, W. M. Drennan, M. Tjernström, C. Leck, I. Brooks, G. de Leeuw, E. Swietlicki and A. Hansel

Atmospheric implications of the volcanic eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland 2010
Eds. C. B. Hasager, W. Birmili, G. Pappalardo, and F. Prata

Radical chemistry over sunlit snow: interactions between HOx and halogen chemistry at Summit, Greenland
Eds. J. Dibb, J. Kaiser, J. Stutz, R. von Glasow, and J. Abbatt

The Border Air Quality and Meteorology Study (BAQS-Met)
Eds. J. W. Bottenheim, D. Hastie, J. Abbatt, and R. McLaren

Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA): progress, evaluation and needs
Eds. A. B. Guenther, C. Granier, and P. Middleton

Regional formation processes and controlling effects of air pollution before and during the Beijing Olympics: the results of CAREBEIJING
Eds. D. Parrish, M. Gauss, T. Zhu, and U. Pöschl

Measurement and modeling of aerosol emissions from biomass burning
Eds. H. Moosmuller, A. Chen, and T. Kirchstetter
2009 VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study (VOCALS) (ACPD/OSD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. C. R. Mechoso, B. Albrecht, H. Coe, C. Fairall, G. Feingold, R. Garreaud, A. Hall, R. Weller, R. Wood, C. Twohy, and M. Alonso Balmaseda

Chemistry, Emission, and Transport of Atmospheric Mercury (CETAM)
Eds. R. Ebinghaus, N. Pirrone, and K.-H. Kim

POLARCAT (Polar Study using Aircraft, Remote Sensing, Surface Measurements and Models, of Climate, Chemistry, Aerosols, and Transport)
Eds. A. Stohl, K. Law, J. W. Bottenheim, P. Monks, and P. Quinn

OP3/ACES: Oxidant and particle photochemical processes above a south-east Asian tropical rain forest
Eds. C. N. Hewitt, W. T. Sturges, A. B. Guenther, A. R. MacKenzie, and G. McFiggans

Atmospheric brown cloud in the Himalayas
Eds. G. McFiggans and J. J. Schauer

EMEP – an integrated system of models and observations in support of European air quality and policy
Eds. A. S. H. Prevot, D. Simpson, M. Sutton, H. C. Hansson, and M. Beekmann

GOMOS (Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars): data processing, geophysical validation and scientific results
Eds. M. Van Roozendael, P. Bernath, and D. Murtagh

Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment 2008 (AMAZE-08)
Eds. H. Coe, R. Cohen, A. Goldstein, and J. Schneider
2008 Dynamics of gases and particles in the urban atmosphere - The Göte2005-2006 experiments
Eds. U. Baltensperger, D. Chen, and M. Hallquist

Program of Regional Integrated Experiments on Air Quality over the Pearl River Delta (PRIDE-PRD)
Eds. A. Hofzumahaus, M. Hu, S. C. Liu, and A. Wiedensohler

Atmospheric chemistry and physics in the atmosphere of a developed megacity (London): the results of the REPARTEE experiments
Eds. W. T. Sturges, R. M. Harrison, and E. Nemitz

Results from the field experiments in the Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer (RHaMBLe) project
Eds. G. McFiggans, R. von Glasow, and W. T. Sturges

Eds. G. Vali, D. Cziczo, and T. Koop

Biosphere Effects on Aerosols and Photochemistry Experiment: BEARPEX
Eds. A. Guenther, J. Lelieveld, and J. Williams

The Mount Tai Experiment 2006 (MTX2006): regional ozone photochemistry and aerosol studies in Central East China
Eds. F. J. Dentener, S. C. Liu, and L. T. Molina

Cloud, aerosol, ice and snow characterizations within the CLACE experiments at the high alpine research station Jungfraujoch
Eds. E. Weingartner, O. Möhler, J. Curtius, and A. Laaksonen

The IASI instrument onboard the METOP satellite: first results
Eds. A. Richter and T. Wagner

The Arctic Study of Aerosol, Clouds and Radiation (ASTAR)
Eds. T. Garrett, A. Minikin, and M. Wendisch

SCOUT-O3 Tropics
Eds. D. Brunner, N. Harris, A. R. MacKenzie, and T. Peter
2007 Results from the European project UFTIR, Time series of Upper Free Troposphere observations from a European ground-based FTIR network
Eds. A. Stohl and S. Wood

AMMA Tropospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
Eds. F. Dentener, P. Formenti, C. Reeves, and J. Williams

European Integrated Project on Aerosol-Cloud-Climate and Air Quality Interactions (EUCAARI)
Eds. K. Carslaw, Ø. Hov, E. Swietlicki, V.-M. Kerminen, A. Wiedensohler, and M. Kulmala

One century of solar ultraviolet research
Eds. J. Gröbner, M. Blumthaler, and J. Burrows

Validation results for the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE)
Eds. A. Richter and T. Wagner

The "Guyanas Atmosphere-Biosphere exchange and Radicals Intensive Experiment with a Learjet" (GABRIEL) measurement campaign in October 2005
Eds. R. C. Cohen, D. Helmig, and J. Lelieveld

Atmospheric impact of a potential future European supersonic fleet (SCENIC)
Eds. B. Kärcher, W. Collins, and T. Berntsen

The total solar eclipse of 2006 and its effects on the environment
Eds. C. Zerefos, N. Mihalopoulos, and P. Monks

Air Ice Chemical Interactions (AICI)
Eds. P. Shepson, B. Sturges, and E. Wolff

Dust storm forecast and early warning in East Asia
Eds. Y. Balkanski, S. Gong, and X. Y. Zhang
Eds. L. T. Molina, S. Madronich, J. S. Gaffney, H. B. Singh, and U. Pöschl

TROCCINOX - Tropical convection and its impact on the troposphere and lower stratosphere
Eds. M. G. Lawrence, A. R. MacKenzie, and H. Schlager

MANTRA - Results from the Middle Atmosphere Nitrogen TRend Assessment Campaigns
Eds. A. Richter

HIBISCUS - investigating the impact of tropical convection on the stratosphere
Eds. P. Haynes, R. L. Jones, and A. R. MacKenzie

MIPAS (Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmosphere Sounding): potential of the experiment, data processing and validation of results
Eds. P. Hartogh and P. J. Espy
2005 Chemistry of the Antarctic Boundary Layer and the Interface with Snow (CHABLIS)
Eds. A. Jones, J. Lee, and B. Sturges

Urban Meteorology and Atmospheric Pollution (EMS-FUMAPEX)
Eds. A. Baklanov, S. Joffre, and S. Galmarini

Formaldehyde as a tracer of photooxidation in the troposphere (FORMAT)
Eds. U. Platt, A. Prévôt, and G. O. Braathen

Geophysical validation of SCIAMACHY: 2002-2004
Eds. H. M. Kelder, U. Platt, and P. C. Simon

8th International Conference on Carbonaceous Particles in the Atmosphere (ICCPA 2004)
Eds. R. Hitzenberger, U. Pöschl, and H. Puxbaum

Mexico City Metropolitan Area Field Campaign 2003 (MCMA-2003)
Eds. L. T. Molina, C. E. Kolb, and U. Pöschl

The North Atlantic Marine Boundary Layer Experiment (NAMBLEX), Mace Head, 2002
Eds. D. Heard and P. S. Monks
2004 The Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) (ACPD/GMDD Inter-Journal SI)

Atmospheric Environment - modelling, monitoring and assessment
Eds. L. M. Frohn, O. Hertel, and J. Brandt

INSPECTRO - Influence of clouds on spectral actinic flux in the lower troposphere
Eds. A. Hofzumahaus

Data exploitation and modeling for the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (COST 723)
Eds. W. Lahoz, S. A. Buehler, and D. McKenna

Smoke Aerosols, Clouds, Rainfall and Climate (SMOCC)
Eds. M. O. Andreae, P. Artaxo, D. Rosenfeld, and S. Fuzzi

Probing the atmosphere in three dimensions for SCIAMACHY
Eds. J. P. Burrows and U. Platt

Quantification of aerosol nucleation in the European boundary layer (QUEST 2002-2004)
Eds. K. Hämeri and A. Laaksonen

Trace gas transport in the tropopause region (SPURT)
Eds. P. Haynes and A. Stohl

SAGE III Ozone loss and validation experiment II and the validation of international satellites and study of ozone loss (SOLVE-II/VINTERSOL)
Eds. K. Carslaw

Atmospheric environment and urban meteorology (EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly 2003)
Eds. J. Brandt and O. Hertel
2003 Evaluated kinetic and photochemical data for atmospheric chemistry (IUPAC)
Eds. W. T. Sturges

Meteors in the atmosphere (Arecibo Meteor Radar Workshop 2003)
Eds. D. Janches and J. Plane

Atmospheric chemistry in the Earth system: from regional pollution to global climate change (CACGP-IGAC Conference 2002)
Eds. M. Kanakidou and N. Mihalopoulos
2002 Mineral dust and tropospheric chemistry (MINATROC 2000)
Eds. Y. Balkanski and R. Van Dingenen

Mesoscale transport of air pollution (EGS General Assembly 2002)
Eds. J. Brandt and M. Heimann

Urban meteorology and urban air pollution (EGS General Assembly 2002)
Eds. O. Hertel, F. Palmgren, and M. Rotach

Mediterranean intensive oxidant study (MINOS 2001)
Eds. N. Mihalopoulos and M. de Reus
Publications Copernicus